Ballance Weekly Report

Week 20 of 2021
May 10th, 2021 - May 16th, 2021

In this week, the unprecedented shortcut research craze caused by the new technology, Ballance TAS, still continues.

是♂不是♀ published his achievement that a protential shortcut in Level 2 Sector 4, has been proven as implementable.
z192380 post a topic to talk about some new protential shortcuts which discoveried(or re-discoveried) by himself.
onlyforyou__ published a new video which do 3 trafo bypass in one time in Level 2(by TAS).
GaiYin discoveried a new universal shortcut. slider bypass shortcut with wooden ball and zero push operation. It can be easily implement in TAS mode. In normal game mode, it need some skills and exercise to achieve.
澈零星魂 found a new shortcut in Level 4, Sector 5.
and etc...

Due to the development of TAS technology, more and more new record emerge.