Ballance Weekly Report

Week 19 of 2021
May 3rd, 2021 - May 9th, 2021

The Discord user, onlyforyou__, who post some fragements of TAS records after the release of Ballance TAS in #中文, now joined Chinese Ballance Forum and continuously work for TAS research.

In this week research, the greatest exciting thing is that the shortcut of Level 2 Sector 3 has been proven to be possible. Then some speedrunner learned TAs operation and do it by themselves successfully. Some breakthrough records were created after the discovery of this shortcut.

Then, onlyforyou__ found that another protential shortcut in Level 2 Sector 4, also is implementable. This shortcut also will greatly reduce the time consumption during Level 2.

The TAS research is still on going level by level. Current progress is Level 2. It is expectable that more shortcuts will be discovered in future.

Level 2 Sector 3 shortcut TAS operation video:
Level 2 Sector 3 shortcut operation by 澈零_星魂:
New SR record of Level 2 by 绝世惊魂2035, the use of Level 2 Sector 3 shortucut:
New SR record(2:08.205) of Level 2 by 澈零_星魂 with the use of the same shortucut: (Note: Chinese Ballance Speedrun doesn't have the limitaion of FPS)
Level 2 Sector 4 shortcut TAS operation video:

Ballexer released his new map, GaiYin (not the player who in Ballance speedrun field, it just named as the name of the Ballance player with the same name.). The design of this custom map comes from GaiYin and Ballaxer create this, and then GaiYin test it. This map is focus on the training of speedrun skills.

Example video:

BallanceBug opened a topic to talk about the establishment of TAS speedrun leaderboard. Recently, Ballance TAS technology have breakthrough development, so, BallanceBug want to get some ideas about whether open TAs leaderboard. Especially, there are already 2 new TAS records.