Ballance Weekly Report

Week 17 of 2021
April 19rd, 2021 - April 25th, 2021

Swung 0x48 is developing a new Ballance Mod Loader mod, called BallanceMMO. Just like its name, this mod allow you play Ballance with other players. This is a extraordinary technology and it achieved the function that many people have always dreamed of. This mod use some implements of Gamepiaynmo's mod, SpiritTrail but doesn't rely on it. So, obviously, this mod will use Shadow Ball to show other player's position. There are no multi-player collision implements for this mod. Every player who are located in the same play room, will not share element's status. Their play progress is individual. Maybe this funtion will be enhanced in future.
This mod is still under testing, but it is enough exciting. If you want to test mod, you can contact Swung 0x48 in this server. It would be better that you can speak Chinese because the test need voice communication and all testers speak Chinese.
If you just want to take a look for this mod, you can watch follwing 2 videos to know this mod deeply.

Forum topic:
GitHub homepage:
Player viewpoint video (old):
Player viewpoint video (new):

梨栠washing, the author of the series of Ballance Mapping Video, post a new topic in forum, mainly collecting the new idea of his mapping videos. He said 3 quesitons.

Some mappers made reply and gave 梨栠washing some answers for his questions and also state their opinions.