Ballance Weekly Report

Week 12 of 2021
March 15th, 2021 - March 21st, 2021

What a slient week!

wb130152 post a speedrun video and his record was only a little bit away from the new speedrun record. Watch the video in topic page.


Someone opened a topic and talk about whether the map can have different version which have different difficulty. Because not all of players can play the hardest map. This method can fullfill different player's requirements. Accoding to all repies of this topic, it is a good idea, but it is hard to be done.


dahkjdas recently invited some players to test his new custom map. It is possible that his new map will be released within few weeks.

Many people released their personal record, or some videos and screenshots about their playing of custom maps in this week. There are a list.