Ballance Weekly Report

Week 9 of 2021
February 22nd, 2021 - February 28th, 2021

yyc12345 found the way to decode / encode Virtools language pack file, NLP file. Now, it is possible to create some language pack to change the display language of Virtools and it is convenient for some Virtools beginners. For example, almost Chinese mapping beginner. Because almost Chinese mapping beginner do not have enough English skill to use Virtools fluently. So, a translated Virtools may be beneficial to them.

This translation project was started by HCF(韩长甫). yyc12345 just took a research for the NLP file when HCF facing the issue that he couldn't decode NLP file. There is a image that show the partly translated Virtools user interface.

HCF's topic:
yyc12345's GitHub code:

SR的感觉 published a new Ballance texture package called CcOoLlOoLl. But all replies of this texture package are negative responses.