Ballance Weekly Report

Week 5 of 2021
January 25th, 2021 - January 31th, 2021

Swung released a groundbreaking new mod, FramerateUnlocker. It main function is leting Ballance have unlocked frame rate in window mode.
This mod have following settings:

Swung also made another topic which describe this mod's principle in detail. In this topic, he firstly introduce Ballance windowed unlocked frame rate. At the follwoing content, he stated the basic principle of unlocked frame rate based on some Virtools SDK function. After that, he used the priniciple which is concluded by himself to explain some existed phenomenons and perfectly solved a historical problem.

He said his research is inseparable from the help of BianMu and yunjuyihao. For solving some research issues, he developed a new BML mod called Statistica.

Additionally, yunjuyihao released another topic 2 days before Swung released his new mod, which is focused on how to implement unlocked frame rate in Ballance window mode. In this topic, all the contents is summarized experience in the past few years. This topic must be of great help to the development of Swung.

A Statistica image:

Release topic:
Principle topic:
yunjuyihao topic:
GitHub project(download mod in Release page):

yyc12345 released a new BML mod, called FontCraft. This mod can change Ballance in-game font. This mod have similar font setting with Swung's mod, Segment. Because this mod is inspired by a reply which is comes form Swung mod's release topic. This reply ask Swung whether Segment's font setting can change Ballance in-game font.

All of this mod's settings will be applied after you restart the game. And please ensure you know font copyright. Some fonts have copyright and shouldn't be used in commecial Ballance video. The author of this mod does not burden any consequences caused by this mod.

Preview image:

Download from follwing Discord message.

BianMu(变形的木球) made a live on January 25th, 2021. He mainly played Ballex. At the tail of live, he show the groundbreaking technology, Ballance frame limit in window mode, which is researched by him and Swung. And, show some BML mods, especially Swung's Segment.

Announcement topic:
Replay video:

Rushing_balls made a kichiku(Japanese word: 鬼畜, きちく) video for Ballance called "Ba instruments Flower Dance".

Release topic:
Video link:

The "Personal opinions on common misunderstandings of mapper" discussed last week became deserted this week, so I no longer pay attention to the subsequent development of this topic.