Ballance Weekly Report

Week 2 of 2021
January 4th, 2021 - January 10th, 2021

LengXi(湮尘灬冷曦) released his new custom map: Champaign 2.0(原野之上 2.0). This is the first custom map in 2021.
This map have 8 sectors. This map inherit the previous map feature in this series. Accoring to release topic description, ths map have middle difficulty and author think everyone can play it. This map is consisted of logic(50%), speedrun(20%) and scenery(30%) structures and don't have any high difficult spot.
ballancebug support this map's huge platform problem. Zzq take responsibility for 8 extra flames and portals. And, 9826Hzg help the author physicalize bounce & zero-fraction floor.

Preview image:

Release topic:

yyc12345 release his new BML mod: BallanceOptiFine.
BallanceOptiFine's aim is that add shadow, transitional column and etc for old Ballance custom maps. Due to Ballance technology limitation in that time, the majority of old custom maps don't have these features and this mod can fix this. This mod required the lowest BML version is 0.3.29. But almost people still using BML's old version. So in release topic, only rare people reply this topic. Also, some people think this is useless and don't response for this.
This mod only have Chinese manual, which can be viewes in its GitHub project. English manual is work in progess.

Release topic:
GitHub link:

CheLing(澈零星魂) made two live on January 9th and January 10th. He played two maps: 都会十字(Metropolis cross) and 原野之上 2.0(Champaign 2.0).

Live replay:

yyc12345 made a live on January 9th, 2021 and mainly making his new custom map. He use Blender to create his new custom map and almost finished his map's main body. He said after decoration, this map can be released. There are no replay video for this live. He also post a pre-release version in Chinese Ballance group and tried to collect advises and ideas.