Ballance Weekly Report

Week 1 of 2021
December 28th, 2020 - January 3rd, 2021

dahkjdas released his new custom map: 都会十字(Metropolis cross). This map became the last custom map in 2020. According to release topic's introduce, this map started to be created on July, and it finally released in this day due to some various reason.
This map have 5 sectors, predicted difficulty level is 4 in 5. and it can be passed within an hour and a half at the first try according to author says. It is a logic map. This map contain a special element: Stopper rail. It is represented in game with pink color. And he put much work on the metal tube.
Stopper rail is the elements which only allow elements use them. The player ball will omit them, just like go through them directly.
The author also introduce this map's each sectors. For more detail, please view release topic.


Release topic:

SiZhong(四中2014届1班) made a live on January 1, 2021. He mainly play the new custom map of dahkjdas, 都会十字(Metropolis cross).
Currently, there are no replay video for this live.

His live room: His live notice:

plAer-2 released the year report in Chinese Ballance Community. This report make a conclusion of this year's speedrun and mapping achievements within 3 images. What makes everyone astonishing is that dahkjdas contribute 21 custom map in this year.
plAer-2 originally want to post a English version in Discord. But it was put aside due to the custom map don't have proper translation.

Report url:

yyc12345 put a pre-release version of his new BML mod, BallanceOptiFine in CHinese Ballance QQ group.
The aim of this mod is add shadow, transitional column and etc for old Ballance custom maps. As we know, old Ballance custom maps don't have these features due to limited technology in that time, so this mod can forced add these features in old map. It will make the old map more modern and beautiful.
The lowest required BML version of this mod is 0.3.29.

GitHub link:

Gamepiaynmo updated his BML to version 0.3.30. It mainly fix CKTexture issue. Solve some call errors.

At the end of 2020 and the head of 2021, the member of Chinese Ballance Community greets each other in community to celebrate the coming of the new year.