Ballance Weekly Report

Week 52 of 2020
December 21st - December 27th

AlwaysGu tried to use BallanceBlenderHelper on macOS's Blender 2.91. BallanceBlenderHelper is a blender plugin which is created by yyc12345 and served for creating Ballance map in Blender. AlwaysGu use Steam's Blender 2.91 on macOS, but the plugin couldn't loaded. Due to this plugin's developer don't have any Apple devices and he are not familar with Apple device operation, he couldn't provide any help for AlwaysGu. So, finally, AlwaysGu couldn't run this plugin on macOS.
By the way, although this plugin only support LTS version of Blender, BallanceLover test this plugin on Windows, Blender 2.90. It works pretty nice. This plugin author have strong belief that macOS cause this problem, not the improper plugin design.

In common, at the end of the year, the Chinese Balanced Community will summarize the year. In this year, plAer-2 take responsibility for this work. In the past few days, he post some of his report in Chinese Ballance Community(not the final version).