Ballance Weekly Report

Week 51 of 2020
December 14th - December 20rd

Zzq_203 released his new custom map: A Little Journey (小小的旅途).
According to author's statement, this map was finished within 24 hours and it was be used in testing his new mapping working flow. He used his MAplus to create this map and have great efficiency improve in Virtools mapping.
This is a scripted custom map. He said this map is focus on logic but it is easy to solve. But some extra life and point's position are ridiculous. The most attractive spot is the portal like elements. It only allows the corresponding player ball to pass them.
He also said this is the last custom map for him before his college entrance examination.

MAplus is a Action package for Virtools which is served for Ballance mapping. It contains some useful tools, such as better align tool.

Some community members reply this topic. The people who test this map previously said this map is comfortable, relaxing and feels like the tune lingered in the room. The most of people praise the author for this map's extraordinary logic design.

It has been more than 2 months since the last custom map release.

The preview of this map:

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SiZhong(四中2014届1班) publish his personal record, CHS Level 7, 4923. He said he almost broke the record of BianMu(变形的木球).

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