Ballance Weekly Report

Week 50 of 2020
December 7th - December 13rd

AlwaysGu try to use Crossover to run Ballance on Mac. He can play Ballance on Mac. Also, he ask the speedrun administrator, whether the record which created on Mac with Crossover is valid. The administrator don't give clear answer, just said it is valid if the game file is not be changed.
Also, he found the Ballance with BML couldn't be launched on Crossover, it will result in a black screen freeze.

plAer-2 found a new speedrun host platform, TNA. According to website description, it is created by a Chinese and will can be stablely visited in future. It is alluring for plAer-2. He wanted to migrate all Chinese Speedrun Leaderboard to this website. Currently, these data were hosted on Ballance Wiki. He post his advise in Chinese Ballance Administration Group and it raise a sharp argument.
Someone said, BML Mod can upload record in future, especially Swung's creation is close to usable state. It is increase useless migrate things and learning cost. Somebody considered the stability of host website should be treate carefully. Don't dismiss the possibility that the host can drop all database and disappear suddenly.
At the tail of this argument. Swung said his score system are on going and hope it can be tested in winter vacation.