Ballance Weekly Report

Week 49 of 2020
November 30th - December 6th

yunjuyihao got better record in CSR 06, 1:47.

Video link:

AlwaysGu found a youtuber who post Ballance video 10 years ago. It a fresh news in Chinese Ballance Community. AlwaysGu was shocked because the records in these videos are no worse than the current records. He said he is contacting video author and try to get the permission that he can post these video on Bilibili. (YouTube couldn't be visited in China, at least in common way.)
At the same time, he asked BallanceBug whether these results need to be written into Chinese Ballance Speedrun Leaderboard. BallanceBug replied that he was not sure, because he felt that the current leaderboard is mostly used by Chinese Ballance Community.

Youtuber homepage:

A Chinese tiktoker stole wb130152's speedrun video. At the same time, he play it in his tiktok live, and earn money from it. Some community member didn't want to care about it. But some other people were actively contacting wb130152, sending spies into this tiktok’s fan group to inquire about infomation, hoping to thwart this theft.
This incident has not yet been resolved, and this tiktoker has spent money to hire a group of spamers to increase his fake popularity.
Chinese Ballance Community member said they have enough evidence to prove this tiktoker stole wb130152's speedrun video.