Ballance Weekly Report

Week 48 of 2020
November 23rd - November 29th

plAer-2 post a collecting suggestions topic in Ballance Community, for Chinese Ballance Custom Map Speedrun Leaderboard. He wanted change custom map leaderboard's accepted custom map. He said his opinion, add some new maps, and delete some maps which were not suit for speedrun.
But this topic seems like nobody want to reply. Only BallanceBug said, "there is another reason, no one pay attention to this leaderboard."


BallanceBug created a new project, called ballance-map-name-translations on GitHub. According to this project's GitHub description, this project will translate all Ballance custom level/map names into English or other languages.
Currently, plAer-2 and Swung 0x48 take part in this project and come up with massive suggestions for improving this project.

GitHub link: