Ballance Weekly Report

Week 47 of 2020
November 16th - November 22nd

Swung 0x48 released a BML mod called Segment. He post a BML mod file in Chinese Ballance Community and he said, "I create this mod when listening a dull course. Writing this mod is just for improving the skill of developing BML mod. It can be used by speedrunner." He put this mod source code on GitHub. According to GitHub repository description, this mod can display your gameplay performance splitted into each segment.
Later, he post a topic with some screenshots on Chinese Ballance Forum.
变形的木球(BianMu) used this mod in his new speedrun video and you can get a preview of this mod via watching his speedrun video.

GitHub repository:
Topic link:
Video link:

变形的木球(BianMu) got better record in CSR 03, 2:08.196.
Additionally, He used Swung's BML mod, Segment in his speedrun. And he used a very difficult shortcut in sector 3, called 龙腾虎跃(LongTengHuYue).

Video link:

四中2014届1班(SiZhong) got better record in CSR 07, 2:44.0.

Video link: