Ballance Weekly Report

Week 46 of 2020
November 9th - November 15th

This is the first weekly report of Ballance Weekly Report. Its purpose is delivering significant Ballance infomations between 2 seperated Ballance community. I am working for this job and will post this report at the beginning of each week.
Because this is the first report, some events happend before November 9th also will be record into this report.

Burning红云(Burning HongYun) released a preview image of his new level. And he invited some guys to help him test this map.

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yyc12345 released a preview image of his new level and he says this map must be a meme map. After that, he invited some guys to test this map and got some pretty good suggestions to improve this map.

Topic link: (#8)

四中2014届1班(SiZhong) got a new computer and test Ballance on it immediately. Its system is Windows 10 2004. He said, "Ballance only can be launched under the Windows 95 compability setting and the game will freeze in other settings. It can achieve high frames under Windows 95 mode but its so laggy and couldn't be used to get better speedrun record."

Some guys, such as BallanceBug, yunjuyihao, gave their own opinion. And Gamepiaynmo replied, "The latest BML has fixed game freeze problem."

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变形的木球(BianMu) got better record in CHS 02, 5799.

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yyc12345 post a new progress of his project, LibreBallance. Also, he said, "some tests has been taken. the monorail may have problem in LibreBallance." He said he will continue working for this project and it will have a demo release before the Lunar New Year. Demo version will not include any artworks, such as BGM, particle effect and etc, but it will have full game functions. The final version will not be released until Godot release its 4.0 version. He need some time to transfer to Godot 4.0 and make the artworks (Godot 4.0 had big change on render engine, so he make this decision) LibreBallance is a free and libre Ballance remake version(Libre is the typical translation for "free" when it used as an adjective for meanings other than being without cost.) It uses Godot for its game engine.

Swung 0x48 post a new image about his project, Ballance Record. He said, "I hope I can finish this before the winter vacation. I am so busy. The corresponding BML mod and the web frontend hasn't done it yet." But it is worthwhile to do this. He said Ballance will have a Ballex-like online score submit & leaderboard after this project is completed.

GitHub repository:

yyc12345 successfully built chirs241097's project, virtools-shimmer.
The goal of virtools-shimmer is to make it possible to use building blocks library built for older Virtools versions in relatively newer Virtools authoring environments. Currently, it can make all Ballance TT building blocks loaded into Virtools 2.5 without warning.


澈零星魂(CheLing XingHun) discovered a new shortcut in Level 6, Sector 5. It can save a lot of time in speedrun. CheLing spend some to time to exercise for this shortcut and produce this video. For more detail about this shortcut, please view his video.

Shortcut video: (97 s)
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Chinese Ballance Community Administration Group talked about whether open a Speedrun tournament in this year. Currently, there are nobody wants to host this.