2021年2月8日 - 2021年2月14日

2021年2月13日,是Ballance Discord服务器建服3周年,服主yyc12345(杨宇成12345)在#bulletin中发表了贺辞。

Hello everyone. Today is the 3rd anniversary of this server. :tada:
I am very honored to see that our server is about to reach 1,000 people(currently 950) after three years of establishment. In the past year, more people have learned about Ballance, and we have also made many achievements on Ballance, such as Ballance Mod Loader, Virtools Script Deobfuscation etc. Our community has also produced many interesting custom maps, many new speedrun records that seemed incredible before. At the same time, some derivative works of Ballance, such as Ballex, are developing significantly. Our achievements are inseparable from everyone's assistance. I would like to thank you all for your continued contributions to this community.
For most people on the server, Ballance is their precious childhood memory. However, Ballance is the unpopular game for most modern players. Especially in order to play it, you need to set many compatibility settings. But this does not prevent players who really love this game from continuing to contribute to this game. Ballance Mod Loader, various new technologies, and the research of new speedrun shortcuts are still supporting the development of this game, providing us with plenty of time to prepare before the game's inevitable decline.
Ballance is still strong after such a long period of development. This is the result of our efforts. I hope that in the new year, we can do more for Ballance. Everyone, we will meet again next year, in there.
I hope that you are having a good day. :relaxed:

对于服务器上的大多数人来说,Ballance是他们宝贵的童年记忆。但是,对于大多数现代玩家而言,Ballance都不受欢迎。特别是为了玩它还需要设置许多兼容性设置。但这并不能阻止真正热爱这款游戏的玩家继续为这款游戏做出贡献。 Ballance Mod Loader,各种新技术以及新的竞速捷径的研究仍在支持该游戏的发展,这为我们提供了充足的时间为游戏不可避免的衰退做准备。

发完之后,PJBgamer就inevitable decline(不可避免的衰退)在#general里进行了一下讨论。yyc12345澄清说这句话不是在唱衰,而只是在陈述通用规律,并举了扫雷作为例子。在讨论过程中,PJBgamer谈及了他之前说的某位直播Ballance的Twitch主播:

Discord群组里来了一位只会说:我爱苹果(I love apples.)的人,大家都表现得很“欢乐”。